Oracle Transportation Management makes complex transport decisions simpler

For the layperson, transportation is a deceptively simple process as trucks, planes, ships and trains take freight where it needs to go with relative ease. To the logistics professional, however, developing the optimal transportation plan is a highly complex process. First, there are many variables that need to be considered for any shipment of goods: […]

Oracle Engineered Systems for OTM

WHILE Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) will operate and bring substantial benefits to companies on any number of platforms, it will perform best on Oracle Engineered Systems, which combine best-of-breed hardware and software components with game- changing technical innovations. Designed, engineered, and tested to work best together, Oracle Engineered Systems can power the cloud or streamline […]

Oracle Transport Managment: complete coverage from a single source

Organizations seeking to pursue a competitive advantage by managing logistics efficiently can turn to the single-source data model offered by Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Oracle Transportation Management is a central logistics hub, a local transportation management system, and a global operating system, all rolled into one. Oracle Transportation Management streamlines the entire logistics planning and […]