CloudTech | Cloud Inventory System Provider in the Philippines

Inventory a story of three Ws – what, when and where. What is inventory? It can have many meanings. It can be the materials to be used to manufacture products. It could be the range of finished products or a batch stored or sent to a particular place for distribution. When is inventory? This is […]

Netsuite Cloud Inventory Software | CloudTech

Inventory management is all about coordination. It is making sure that every part of the whole acts as it should and at the time it is supposed to act. An inventory system in any business is indispensable. Without a way to keep raw materials and finished products in check, the business will become haywire, much […]

Netsuite CRM Software | Software-As-A-Service

Customers should always come first. Always. No exceptions. CloudTech will be the first to acknowledge this. But the ways in which to make the customers feel their importance will evolve over time and technology. Traditional CRM software products ensure that leads are effectively converted into sales and that any post-sales requirements are effectively addressed. Customer […]

Cloud CRM Software With A 360 Degree View Of Your Customers

It’s always about the customer. Without the customer, a business is doomed — no matter how fancy the business plan or posh the office, no matter how sophisticated the infrastructure. CloudTech recognizes this truth and enables companies to take care of its customers the way they should be cared for. Through a CRM software that […]

Netsuite Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud technology has provided new and better options for businesses. It has made possible cheaper and more efficient services. In the past, these options were simply not available. Netsuite, through its partner CloudTech, has allowed for innovation in the age-old business function of accounting. The usual benefits are offered, but with great value added such […]

#1 Cloud Accounting Software | CloudTech Netsuite

For the longest time, businesses have tried to automate the accounting process. They realized its importance and any human error could be costly and inconvenient for the company. Various forms of accounting software are available in the market today to help companies improve their accounting system. The standards go higher as time and technology progress. […]

CloudTech | A Netsuite Premier Partner

I am a start-up entrepreneur. I do not yet have the size or capital that can make me competitive with all other players in my industry. In fact, I do not even have a fixed office because I am just building my brand. But I have big ideas and ambitious goals. I believe technology can […]