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Actual cases, real benefits


Read these testimonials and ponder the great things that can happen once you make that game-changing decision to embrace Netsuite’s product suite. Take note of the potential that can be realized and maximized using the exponential, enabling technology of cloud computing. Imagine how your organization can be the next one to narrate how life has become easier, and how opportunities have come by more often, through the partnership of Netsuite and Cloudtech.


Explorer Freight

"NetSuite is a unified system that allows us to efficiently manage operations and monitor the business. We can maintain our traditional excellence in customer service while gaining the competitive advantage of a modern cloud solution." - Explorer Freight



“We now have the tools to understand how our business is performing at all times, from the largest retail store down to the smallest shops,” - Sanicare


Island Rose

"With NetSuite we're able to process more orders more efficiently and can grow our business without growing our staff." - Island Rose


Beach Hut

"NetSuite provides us with great transparency into inventory and sales that we never had in our previous environment. We’ve eliminated a great deal of manual work and can focus more time and resources on growing the business." - Naturale Labs

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