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Cloud and the Coronavirus

Cloud and the Coronavirus

These are unprecedented times.

It seems just yesterday when we at Cloudtech celebrated our 10th anniversary. That was a happy time. We marveled at how far we’ve come, how the cloud has propelled countless organizations to new heights, and how much more we could achieve.

But today, as I write this, the whole world is reeling from the effects and the continued threat of COVID-19. How times have changed in the span of just a few weeks!

What is happening on a global scale is enough to make one feel depressed and anxious. We are all worried for the safety of our family and friends, as well as our own. Our own national and local governments have imposed strict measures limiting physical movement in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus.

Certainly, this global pandemic has altered how we live, both personally and professionally.

Flexible working arrangements have become the norm these days. We don’t exactly know when the threat will abate, so in the meantime, we continue to do our work from the safety of our homes.

Cloud technology enables us to do this, and do this well.

Many years ago, the Cloud was just a “nice-to-have.” It afforded decision makers the convenience and flexibility so that they could still have access to what is going on at work even if they are on travel, at home resting, or on vacation with their families. Many did not trust putting their company information “out there” and preferred instead to keep it within the premises, accessible only to those who are physically present where the server was.

Now that cloud capabilities have become a standard feature for most companies big and small, it has evolved into a “need-to-have.” Only through the cloud can we keep up with our workloads even when we are forced to stay at home to protect ourselves from the virus and help curb its spread. Cloud allows us to remain in touch with colleagues and discuss how we keep the business going when everything seems to have ground to a halt. It gives us the numbers when we would otherwise have to wait for somebody to dig up the files. It also enables us to plan what to do when things return to business-as-usual after the threat is gone.

Cloudtech continues to provide full support to our customers during these extraordinary times, so you can keep on running your business. Rest assured we are just one click or call away if you have any questions or issues about your business solution.

We’re here for you. Take care, and I wish you well.