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MD's Corner

Ten Years Ago, We Leaped

Some 10 years ago, a group of ERP professionals put their heads together and decided to leap into the unknown.

At that time, the task at hand was to bring Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to a different level. It had the reputation of requiring huge capital with complex infrastructure to set up. It was viewed as being for Big Business only.

But even Big Business was not shielded from the inconveniences of on-premise software.

One possible solution that appeared on the horizon was to go Cloud. The Cloud seemed to offer possibilities and provide agility to companies in the fast-moving, increasingly digital world.

Cloud computing was an entirely new way of seeing the world: Imagine, software was no longer a costly product to be bought and taken back to the company’s premises, to be made compatible with existing systems and to be periodically updated.

Instead, ERP could be viewed a service – take what you need, when you need it. Pay only for what you actually use.

In 2010, however, there was no certainty that this idea would even take off. There was just too many questions and concerns on practicability and security. The thought of companies moving all their information and their processes in the cloud sounded too racy and extreme.

Still, despite the uncertainty on how the market would receive the idea, we took a gamble because we were convinced cloud computing was the way to go.
We have never looked back since.

The past ten years have been exhilirating for us. We are gratified to know that our instincts served us well. Now, people have become so used to the benefits of the cloud they often take it for granted.

We may not realize it, but our lives are so much about the cloud. We store our emails and maintain social media accounts on the cloud. We listen to music or watch movies and shows on demand. We don’t buy these albums or films as we would have done many years ago – now we simply subscribe to a service that grants us access to the broad range of titles in the selection. We pay a modest fee per month for the privilege of streaming our favorites whenever we want, wherever we are.

That mindset has crossed over to businesses, as well. The benefits of ERP are many and often extolled. The good news is, cloud technology has broken the barriers that previously discouraged firms from even contemplating operating using ERP.

We at Cloudtech have hurdled our first ten years. We can’t wait to ride on the next wave and see how the future will shape businesses in years to come. .