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Oracle Warehouse Management System

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) enables companies to maximize their labor and space utilization and equipment investments by coordinating and optimizing resource usage and material flows. Specifically designed to support the needs of distribution, manufacturing, asset-intensive, and service businesses, Oracle Warehouse Management provides a single platform across an entire global supply chain.

The Power of a Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) KEY Benefits:


check_icon    Increase Labor Productivity

check_icon    Improve Warehouse Space Utilization

check_icon    Increase on-time shipments

check_icon    Improve Shipment Accuracy

check_icon    Reduce Fulfillment Costs

check_icon    Improve Inventory Visibility

check_icon    Increase Inventory Accuracy


Best Business Practice Enablement

Oracle Warehouse Management enables users to optimize resources such as storage space, labor and equipment. Managerial work benches enable real-time monitoring of the equipment and provide visibility to the entire automation environment.


  • Customers increasingly expect an integrated shopping and fulfillment experience.
  • The rapid change in recent years of new business models, oscillating fuel prices and corporate mergers have all placed new demands on the warehouse.
  • Oracle Warehouse Management has a built-in Warehouse Control System (WCS)
  • Most companies have made significant progress at optimizing within their functionalsilos of warehousing, transportation and manufacturing.

"One" Warehousing

With Oracle Warehouse Management, customers require only a single global warehouse management solution for all aspects of business including distribution, discrete & process manufacturing, maintenance, spare parts and field service.

    shortlineOracle Warehouse Management supports component picks for discrete jobs and schedules, ingredient picks for process manufacturing batches, part picks for maintenance work orders and repair orders required for asset management or depot repair.

  • Oracle Warehouse Management's architecture enables companies to start small and expand as necessary to support growth in users, transaction volume and business processes while maintaining high performance service levels.
  • Oracle Warehouse Management also offers the materials management feature set required in reverse logistics operations.

Cost Reduction & Maximum Flexibility

Oracle Warehouse Management enables users to optimize resources such as storage space, labor and equipment. Directed Put Away Rules recommend storage locations based on configurable parameters such as velocity, volume and/or weight and material classification to dynamically slot material.


  • Cross Docking minimizes material handling by eliminating unneeded put away. Cross Dock opportunities may be planned in advance or executed on an opportunistic basis.
  • Oracle Warehouse Management Information Discovery enables companies to optimize operational decisions and improve process efficiency with real-time access to operational data driving better cost & revenue decisions.
  • Oracle Warehouse Management supports configuring both the user interface and the business rules driving warehouse transactions.

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