ERP System 101 for the Small Business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a way to gain visibility to all of a company’s major operations. The successful use of ERP System is still largely based on expectations, as ZDNet reports, regarding a survey done by Panorama Consulting. They found that only 40 percent of the respondents were satisfied with the outcome of their […]

CloudTech ERP 5 Star Award

   NetSuite SuiteWorld 2014, SAN JOSE, CA – May 12-15, 2014 – CloudTech, a premier Philippine partner of NetSuite, today announced that is a recipient of a NetSuite 5-Star Award at the inaugural SuiteWorld 2014 conference in San Jose. NetSuite’s extensive network of developers and partners is crucial to helping enterprises of all sizes realize […]

Bring Your Business To New Territory Through Netsuite ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning is indeed a game changer in business. It is a tool that enables various business units — from sales to manufacturing to distribution to finance — to work from a single database thus improving accuracy, efficiency, response time and customer satisfaction, all of which redound to better bottom line. Netsuite ERP, specifically, […]

Smooth and seamless communication through ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP has become popular among Philippine businesses, and for good reason. ERP enables the various business units of an organization — each performing specialized tasks — to interact and share information with each other in an up-to-date and seamless fashion. The quality of this interaction will ultimately have a bearing on the financial aspect of […]

NetSuite Partners Take Cloud ERP International

The Internet and ecommerce, have made doing business internationally far easier than it once was. Now, even small regional based firms can sell products abroad. But being an international company still comes with some serious IT challenges: supporting different currencies and languages, connecting remote employees and partners to the ERP system, and ensuring that business […]

Island Rose, Largest flower retailer Moves to CloudTech Netsuite

Island Rose Puts a Bloom on Its Business with NetSuite “With NetSuite we’re able to process more orders more efficiently and can grow our business without growing our staff. We used to do a lot of double- and triple-encoding, and now we have one integrated system for order processing, ERP and accounting, inventory and CRM […]