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MD's Corner

Dear Partners,

We are seeing more encouraging developments this month. We are down to Alert Level 1, more commercial establishments are reopening, public transportation is back, and more employees are going to their workplaces more regularly. The economy seems to be picking up. Let us hope it stays that way.

Over the past two years, the pandemic has taught us many things about the way we work. Specifically, more people realized that many things can still be done even if we are not physically in the same place as our colleagues. We can still accomplish many things even if we are stuck at home, or in another place altogether, so long as we have an internet connection.

We can continue to collaborate on projects, hold meetings and arrive at collective decisions as though we were in the same conference room. We can have access to important information about our organization at any time we need it. We can even keep track of what our colleagues and team members are working on at any given time.

But those who have been doing business on the cloud have known this all along, even before the pandemic. For many years, they have enjoyed the benefits and conveniences of cloud technology, not the least of all being that they could really channel their efforts to more consequential and strategic activities. Quality time, at its best and its finest.

Now that most restrictions have been lifted, we are about to see more members of our organization go back to their offices. We will once again hold meetings face to face, and go about our daily tasks in each other’s presence. It’s nice to feel connected to colleagues and friends again. We’ve missed the interaction!

But this does not mean that we must unlearn or stop doing the things we did while working from home during the pandemic. The cloud has made doing business convenient, flexible and efficient. It has freed us from many tedious tasks and allowed us to be more productive, creative, and collaborative.

Here’s wishing everyone the best of this new normal. Let us continue to stay safe and practice health measures even as we try to live with the pandemic still in our midst.