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MD's Corner

Dear Cloudtech Partners,

I wish we were starting the new year with more certainty and less anxiety.

Just when we thought we had started to beat the COVID-19 virus, with the Philippine economy stirring back to life, we were faced with another surge of COVID-19 infections likely driven by the Omicron variant.

What we envisioned to be a dynamic start of the year, full of hope and promise, was dampened by the fear of the spread of the virus anew.

In response to the renewed threat, there were once again strict lockdowns and businesses, due to lower demand or fewer manpower available, again scaled down operations. In the meantime, our country’s vaccination drive leaves much to be desired even after with the help of the private sector in procuring vaccines for their own employees.

It is so easy to despair, but let me tell you now: Let us not. There remain many reasons to be optimistic.

First, this particular variant has shown itself less deadly for those who contract it, especially if they have been vaccinated. Thus, while we are seeing record highs in terms of the number of fresh cases, hospitals and specifically ICUs are not quite so full, and there seems to be fewer deaths.

Second, the past two years have conditioned us into thinking that there are still many things we can do despite the restrictions on our movements. Prior to the pandemic, many have been aware of the benefits of cloud technology. Organizations and individuals have acknowledged the advantages of going cloud as it affected their work. The pandemic has emphasized just how important cloud technology is, not only for work, but also for our personal, everyday lives. The possibilities are endless.

Third, we have to remind ourselves that innovators thrive in adversity. Possibilities are born out of necessity. This is our opportunity for our businesses not only to survive the lockdowns but also to grow and even explore new frontiers.

I am sure you can add to the list.

We will weather this surge together and look forward to better times. In the meantime, please continue practicing basic health protocols, keep yourselves healthy, and get that anti-COVID shot – if you haven’t already.

I wish you all a happy new year.