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Netsuite E-Commerce

Bring your business to the web. No need to plug in multiple tools just to make it run. In NetSuite, E-Commerce is fully integrated with NetSuite's ERP. With its native functionality on webstore, companies can now enjoy extending their market...

Seeing the Big Picture As You Up Your Technology Game

THE COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the benefits of cloud-based applications, automation and e-commerce and highlighted the importance of mining data for insights. In fact, a Morgan Stanley report, “Technology Eating the World – Top Trends Post COVID-19” points out that...

Pandemic Puts Emerging Technologies Front and Center

Even before the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to make a quick pivot toward real-time data analytics and work-from-home arrangements, companies and organizations have already acknowledged the importance of digital transformation as a future-proofing strategy. But now...

Invest Carefully, Finance Executives Say

A RECENT survey of business leaders in the United States shows that spending priorities have shifted from “cut everything” to “invest carefully.” In its quarterly Finance Priorities Survey in July 2020, Brainyard surveyed 130 finance and non-finance executives and found...

Recovering from COVID-19 through Cloud ERP

The COVID-19 pandemic has created massive turmoil for global economies and supply chains. Making the safety of customers and employees the topmost priority amid sudden change in consumer needs and government policies has prompted manufacturers and distributors to become more...