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Manufacturers Still Have Time to Shift to the Cloud

Although the manufacturing sector has recently embraced Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, it is a bit late to the cloud computing game. Established software vendors and their clients may be so vested in their legacy on-premise applications that...

Yes, It Is Possible to Acquire New Customers While Watching Costs

The amount spent on digital advertising globally is still increasing. Digital advertisements are now more expensive per unit. Just imagining it makes you value your current customers more. Writing for Brainyard, Kathleen Garvin says it is important to note that...

Digital Revolution in a Traditionally Brick-And-Mortar Industry

Cloud computing is the foundation of the digital revolution in construction. It enables companies to use cutting-edge technology and serves as the basis for all of the most effective software solutions. If you haven't already, this is the ideal time...

E-commerce After COVID

Businesses across industries, including those in retail and consumer products, are now operating in unknown territory as a result of COVID-19. The majority of consumer purchases now come from internet stores that sell necessities like food, household goods, and medicines....

Cloud Possibilities in the Manufacturing Industry

Every sector in the world is developing and changing due to advances in cloud computing. The same is true in the corporate sector. The manufacturing sector is faced with a wide range of possibilities and problems due to the quickly...