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MD's Corner

Dear Partners,

These past few weeks, we have been seeing a resurgence in the number of fresh cases of COVID-19. The initial reaction is frustration and uncertainty. Do we have to go back to lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus? Will it be like 2020 all over again, when offices were closed, when there was no public transportation, when there were serious problems in the mobility of people and goods?

It was reassuring to hear, at the very least, that lockdowns would no longer be a policy response to the pandemic. We saw the damage that lockdowns have inflicted on our economy and on our individual livelihoods. Businesses were scaled down and jobs were lost, and the gross domestic product contracted in levels unheard of for years.

But if new variants and subvariants of the virus continue to proliferate, and staying indoors is no longer a viable option, how can we ensure that keeping the economy open and allowing people to be mobile will not anymore lead to a health crisis to the proportions we saw in the early part of the pandemic?

First, it is good to know that vaccines have been a significant factor in preventing severe and critical cases of COVID. Most Filipinos now have some protection from the virus. While it does not mean they won’t get infected anymore, getting COVID is no longer a death sentence, literally or otherwise.

Second, many of us have gotten used to practicing health protocols like wearing masks, keeping safe physical distances, washing our hands frequently or using alcohol/ sanitizers. These are small habits that have become part of our routine, and they keep us safe.

Third, we now realize the value of increasing our ability to fight diseases through a strong immune system.

With all these, there is no more reason for the world – and business – to stop. Businesses have shown a remarkable resilience during the lockdowns, which also afforded them the opportunity to rethink their priorities and their goals.

One thing emerges as a constant: That cloud technology, important even before the pandemic started, is now an indispensable tool to navigate the post-pandemic, new-normal world.

Whatever business and industry we may find ourselves in, and whether we are a big organization or a startup, flexibility, agility and mobility will always be top attributes crucial to our operations and growth. Our people will need guidance on how to perform functions smartly and efficiently.

CloudTech will always be a willing, committed partner at every stage of your cloud journey.