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MD's Corner

It feels like the previous holiday season just ended, and now it’s Christmas once again.

To say that this year’s holiday season is different from that of previous years would be an understatement. 2020 was an extraordinary year for us individually, for our families and communities, our business organizations, our country, and the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic really turned our world upside down. We realized how many things we took for granted, from spending time with the older members of our families to sharing a restaurant meal with our friends or colleagues, to going to places whenever we want and without a care in the world.

This virus really stole the show, so to speak. It upended our lives and caused many businesses to suffer. It drove millions out of jobs. It took away from us all notion of stability and predictability and reminded us that no matter how we pretend to be in control of every aspect of our lives, there are just some things that are way beyond us.

It is this reminder that I wish to touch on this Christmas.

As businesspeople, we thrive on certainty. Even while planning for our future, we assume certain likely scenarios and we base our decisions and actions on them. When the element of certainty is taken from us, we become unhinged and fret about the future of our organization and our people.

In our small way, we at Cloudtech re-affirm our commitment, not to provide certainty – that would be an impossible task even during the best of times – but to limit the uncertainty and even out the effects of wild environmental fluctuations on your business.

Pandemic or not, our Netsuite and Oracle products are designed to make your organization resilient, agile and better able to cope with changes. They provide a comprehensive view of your organization, with all its units seamlessly integrated. They reflect real-time information that allows you to know exactly what is happening right now – not last week, not three months ago. They enable you to respond effectively to the needs of your own customers and in fact anticipate them, thereby increasing the value you provide them.

Because these are all cloud-based, you don’t even have to show up at your office premises so you can do your job well. You can continue to work from the safety of your home and still have access to the information that you need, and collaborate with your colleagues.

What is it they say? We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we respond to them.

During these difficult times, we can’t give you much else aside from the assurance that we will help your organization get stronger and respond better to external shocks you may encounter.

Let’s all have a meaningful Christmas, and may the new year bring better tidings.