Oracle Transport Management

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Oracle Transport Management

Oracle Transport Management: Better transport, better business

Oracle’s Transport Management solution is for both shippers and logistics service providers. The solution manages all transportation activity throughout the global supply chain. Industry-leading capabilities, combined with ease of use, enables users to reduce freight costs, optimize service, and automate processes. The result is a much-improved logistics operation to everybody’s satisfaction.

Planning. Oracle’s Transport Management solution is an optimization engine that automatically finds the best options for your logistics needs while it adheres to your business requirements and to the trading capabilities of your partners.

It allows users to:
  • Create a more efficient and higher velocity logistics network
  • Plan and execute domestic and international shipments—in one system
  • Lower rates and manage equipment more efficiently
  • Optimize the cubic capacity of containers, consolidate orders, and streamline location flow and calendars

Transportation Intelligence. Oracle provides a logistics dashboard for the entire enterprise that gives users visibility of all transportation data and metrics.
  • Track items, orders, and shipments
  • Make changes that improve service and costs
  • Receive proactive alerts when milestones are approaching or missed
  • Monitor business metrics against targets, benchmarks, and forecasts

Fleet Management. Through Oracle’s Transport Management solution, you can manage your fleet, big or small, and optimize its efficiency. All aspects – drivers, tractors and trailers – are included.
  • Simultaneously consider fleet resource capabilities, while optimizing contracted carrier rates
  • Measure and control financial performance with costing, payables, billables, cost accruals, and dispute management

Freight Payment and Billing. These are administrative tasks you and your people can do away with. Let the system take care of these requirements for you while you focus on the big picture – finding ways to serve customers better, boosting efficiency and lowering costs, and of course, growing the business.
  • Automate manual procedures associated with freight bill payment and audit
  • Cover all aspects of transportation rates, including surcharges and discounts
  • Track accessorials, match pay, auto-pay, track claims, and report on costs
  • Supports both freight payment (shipper) and billing (3PL/LSP) processes

Carrier Sourcing. Bid packages can be made more accurate. Running a procurement cycle would then take less time and cost much less.
  • Manage negotiations with carriers and logistics service providers on rates, accessorials, and equipment requirements
  • Assess the financial impact of proposed rate changes before they are committed
  • Reduce transportation costs by optimizing bid execution and negotiating service provider rates

Finally, visibility. You can only deliver superior service and plan with confidence if you have complete visibility into items, orders and shipments.
  • Proactively manage the lifecycle of orders and shipments through automated milestone monitoring
  • Access both on-hand and in-transit inventory levels across the extended supply chain
  • Track and trace each stage in the lifecycle of your global shipments