Revolutionizing Healthcare Through the Cloud

For years now, companies in all industries have been making the shift from on-premise to cloud-based ERP. And then the pandemic came, and changed the way companies did business in order to survive. The healthcare industry saw the most profound changes as hospital systems and healthcare personnel were overwhelmed with both COVID-related and non-COVID related […]

NetSuite ERP for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industries are undergoing significant change. The industry is affected by several factors, including ongoing regulatory change, increasing cost-cutting pressure, and a more difficult competitive environment. Organizations must be able to react quickly to changes in market conditions, customer demands, and governmental and industry regulations if they are to adapt to […]

COVID, Cloud Are Changing Healthcare Facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic epidemic has had considerable impact on the working conditions and routine activities carried out in healthcare facilities. There is unimaginable pressure on back-end network support services as a result of the enormous number of healthcare professionals who have switched to remote work. These experts communicate online and at conferences. The necessity for […]

Technology as a Tool for Better Patient Experience

Professionals in the medical field may remember the demands and worries before the pandemic. Most companies now frequently talk about their “new normal,” which includes how they’re handling outcomes related to better patient care and safety, widening staffing gaps, issues with employee retention, modest earnings growth, and ongoing operational uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic’s long-term […]

Drug Development and Manufacturing Through the Cloud

As the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects spread over the globe, cloud technologies are expected to have a significant impact on the market. One of the most crucial tools in the study of the virus and the creation of medicines and treatments to combat it is cloud technology. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies started conducting substantial research to […]

Heroes in Healthcare

In this ongoing pandemic, healthcare professionals have clearly been heroes, but the fast-changing circumstances have revealed how easily hospitals can become overwhelmed if they are unprepared and understaffed.   Hospitals and other health organizations should use the preceding year as a learning experience and use it to enhance their networking infrastructure in anticipation of future demands […]

How Cloud Transforms and Elevates Healthcare

The generation, use, storage, and exchange of healthcare data have all changed dramatically. Cloud computing’s growing acceptance in healthcare goes beyond simply storing data on cloud architecture. Healthcare providers are currently using this technology to increase efficiencies, streamline processes, minimize healthcare delivery costs, and enable personalization in treatment plans in order to improve outcomes. There […]

Omicron: A New Test for the Cloud

What will the emergence of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus mean to the data center and cloud computing? In his Data Center Frontier podcast, Rich Miller tackles three areas that are likely to be affected by new restrictions in reaction to the new, fast-spreading variant. Aside from the obvious implications to travel anew, a […]

Cloud Technology Powers Vaccine Supply Chain Logistics

The pandemic has revealed the vulnerability of current supply chain systems across the world. Now we know that supply chains need to respond rapidly to disruptions while maintaining flexibility.  These days, a most important type of transportable good has been developed: The COVID-19 vaccine.  The main global challenge: How can the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines […]