Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials

Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials empowers modern, adaptable finance with increased productivity and improved business decisions. Oracle Financials is a broad, complete solution delivering extensive support for global companies in a variety of industries, and continuous innovation in key technologies such as machine learning, intelligent automation, and analytics, deployed in the cloud to achieve more, faster, with fewer resources.

Oracle Financials continuously extends the capabilities of its comprehensive suite of features and tools to support robust, adaptable operations by capturing transactions with greater efficiency and reducing costs for resource-intensive tasks, without compromising controls. In parallel, continuous innovations such as intelligent touchless processing, real-time reporting, embedded machine learning, and a modern user experience help you pivot to next-generation finance quickly and cost-effectively, with less risk.


Touchless processing for supplier invoices

By expediting invoice entry, minimizing errors, and cutting costs associated with processing, integrated imaging capabilities minimize the need for expensive third-party solutions. Intelligent document recognition technology can be applied to the scanning of supplier invoices to automatically fill, validate, approve, and pay them without the need for user input. An interactive interface can be used to solve issues and improve the machine learning algorithm.

Control customer billing and manage revenue

Improve control by highlighting transactions that require attention immediately in the workplace, and streamline routine customer contacts by recognizing billing or accounts receivable issues. An electronic bill presentment system enhances general customer service while expanding Oracle Financials‘ clientele by enabling users to manage their own accounts. As a result, billing and collections expenses are reduced.

Get paid fast and reduce bad debt

A set of actions are automatically applied by advanced collection techniques based on customer scoring to help assure timely collections from past-due customers. Higher rates of recovering unpaid debts result from customizing these duties to enhance both customers’ and collections agents’ experiences with collections.

Improve cash flow

Managing bank account activity and keeping tabs on cash positions are both possible with the help of cash management. Utilize customizable dashboards, work areas, and reports to quickly monitor financial levels and estimate cash requirements, guaranteeing liquidity and the best possible use of cash resources.

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