Sanicare, Philippine Paper Products Maker powers operations with Oracle NetSuite to build resiliency and fuel business growth

Established in 1996, Sanitary Care Products Asia (SCPA) is a Philippine-based firm that provides personal
hygiene paper products. Since then, it has grown to include more hygiene items like cotton and wipes.
Sanitary Care Products Asia (Sanicare) is able to increase its market share in the Philippine market
despite fierce competition in the hygiene sector thanks to its excellent product branding and successful
marketing and operational methods. Following the 2012 fire that destroyed its on-site servers, SCPA
made the decision to construct a new back-office infrastructure that would both successfully support its
business expansion and safeguard its data from future calamities.

Despite company’s biggest setback in 2012, Sanicare has continued to grow and acquire traction through
corporate and institutional clients, as well as independent retail channels, which led them to look for
software solutions that would help them streamline operations to boost productivity and drive
efficiency. Initially, Sanicare has looked into on-premise solutions, but after careful considerations,
Sanicare has chosen NetSuite for their ERP.

Working with NetSuite partner CloudTech, Sanicare implemented NetSuite in six months. Because
NetSuite offers end-to-end ERP with financial and inventory data unified in a single system, Sanicare has
complete control over the value chain and visibility across all its locations. The resulting efficiencies have
helped to decrease order processing times, reduce the number of hours spent on financial analysis, and
improve leadership’s ability to monitor profitability and results in real-time.

Sanicare was using Microsoft Dynamics GP before switching to NetSuite, but the program was unable to
keep up with the business’s rapid growth and expansion. The system was not integrated properly with
several inventory systems and there are instances where they would experience downtime during large
volume of orders. Sanicare was unable to appropriately account for the shipments of finished goods and
raw materials, which resulted in expensive inventory imbalances. Order reconciliation and supplier
relationship management became inefficient due to Sanicare’s business systems’ lack of integration.
“Before NetSuite, we did not have a comprehensive view of our business, only islands of information,”
said Ven Sio, President at Sanicare. “The control we now have over our raw materials and finished goods
is critical to our continued growth.”

NetSuite has helped streamline the company’s mission-critical business processes across 22 sales offices
including financials, order management, reporting, shipping, bill of materials, multi-location inventory
management, and multicurrency management in Philippine Peso and Indonesian Rupiah. Sanicare has
also gain the scalability needed to manage high order and invoice volume, as well as operational
efficiency, and the agility to get the system up and running rapidly while having a real-time view into its
business performance. NetSuite’s flexible and agile SuiteCloud Platform also enable Sanicare to build
industry specific functionality, in addition to EDI integrations with its retail partners, streamlining their
order fulfillment process.

By moving to the NetSuite cloud, Sanicare’s vital records and data-driven relationships are no longer at
risk from fire or other disaster events. The solution grows as Sanicare’s needs grow, including the
demand planning capabilities Sanicare will soon activate to further refine its production schedules.

“We now have the tools to understand how our business is performing at all times, from the largest
retail store down to the smallest shops,” Sio added.

Marj Enriquez
Author / Marketing Head CloudTech ERP

Marj is Marketing Lead at CloudTech, with over 5 years of industry expertise, specializing in crafting innovative campaigns that drive tangible results and resonate with diverse audiences. Passionate about pushing the boundaries of digital marketing, with combination of strategic prowess and understanding consumer behavior to shape the future of the industry.



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