Two Ways Small Businesses Can Better Manage Cash Flow

Cash flow has long been a problem for small businesses, and persistently disgruntled clients are a major contributor to the problem. Businesses can employ several tactics, such as discounts, fines, disclosing customers’ payment histories to creditors, and others, to encourage customers to pay invoices on time. When AR is behind schedule, businesses can get the […]

Yes, It Is Possible to Acquire New Customers While Watching Costs

The amount spent on digital advertising globally is still increasing. Digital advertisements are now more expensive per unit. Just imagining it makes you value your current customers more. Writing for Brainyard, Kathleen Garvin says it is important to note that upselling and cross-selling are frequently less expensive methods to increase revenue. It costs money to […]

Banking in and on the Cloud

A growing number of banking and capital market experts are realizing that the cloud is more than just a technology; it’s also a place where banks and other financial services companies may store data and applications and have internet access to cutting-edge software. In addition to helping banks implement business and operating models to improve […]

Cloud and Construction

The cloud has a lot of appeal in the construction industry because of the high turnover of workers and the frequent establishment of new working site locations. Many field personnel seek better access to corporate data to assist them in making timely, well-supported decisions and reporting. The main office, on the other hand, must balance […]

NetSuite in Healthcare

Adapting to the massive change in the healthcare landscape. Minimize complexity, reduce costs, and improve visibility and transparency. Huge changes are dramatically affecting businesses in the health and life sciences industry. With the constant regulatory change, the pressure to control costs, and a complex competitive landscape. Healthcare organizations are required to respond swiftly to changing […]

Oracle’s WMS: Building Resilience, Driving Growth

To meet today’s demand-driven marketplace problems, transform warehouse operations by successfully managing complicated fulfillment operations and achieving total inventory visibility—from the distribution center to the retail shelf. Oracle’s warehouse management solution blends cloud benefits with enterprise-grade warehouse management capabilities. It has been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems for the […]

Property Sales Management

Conserve time. Save money. Increase profits. Cloud ERP systems are designed for real estate industry players who want their undertakings on land, property and other holdings to grow fast yet steady as they keep themselves updated with industry trends and nurture relationships with their clients. Real estate agents will find that a specific and customized ERP […]

NetSuite Financials

Used by thousands of organizations worldwide, NetSuite’s financial management solution accelerates daily financial transactions. Its comprehensive cloud-based single platform architecture ensures complete real time visibility into integrated financials with its accounting-intelligent capabilities. Finance teams can manage, monitor and report the book value and depreciation of fixed assets of the company. It also helps configure business […]