The Benefits and Uses of Cloud Technology in Trading

Cloud technology has revolutionized the way that trading is done, making it easier and more efficient for traders and financial firms. One of the primary benefits of cloud technology in trading is the ability to access real-time data and analytics. Traders need to be able to make quick and informed decisions, and the ability to […]

Cloud in Inventory Management

Your company’s ability to manage inventory will determine how well it can grow sales and satisfy customers. Inventory has a big impact on your company’s production, distribution, and customer support. Thus, it only follows that inventory must be done well. A cloud-based inventory management system gives you complete visibility and control over the flow of […]

A Solution to Better Manage Your Warehouse

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a piece of software that manages supply chain fulfillment tasks from the distribution center to the retail shelf as well as keeps track of a company’s whole inventory. Warehouse management (WMS) solutions can assist companies in getting the most out of their investments in space, labor, and equipment by […]

In This Day and Age, Cloud Puts the C in E-commerce

E-commerce has always been powered by cloud technology. The pandemic-induced lockdowns beginning 2020, however, convinced consumers just how much a part of everyday life cloud technology is. Retail businesses who have expanded to the cloud realize the tremendous advantages of putting up their business not only onsite but through the internet. Cloud makes for scalability.  […]

Sense of Where Everything Is in Your Warehouse

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a piece of software that keeps track of a business’s whole inventory as well as oversees supply chain fulfillment duties from the distribution center to the retail shelf. By coordinating and optimizing resource consumption and material movements, warehouse management (WMS) systems may help businesses make the most of their […]

WMS: An Intelligent, Resilient and Dynamic System for Your Warehouse

Oracle’s Warehouse Management System is transformative, enabling your warehouse operations to meet the expectations of today’s demand-driven business, which includes successfully managing complex fulfillment procedures and gaining complete inventory visibility—from distribution center to retail shelf. Retail and ecommerce Customers who are connected are looking for solutions that combine logistics technology with ecommerce and retail sales. […]

Shopping Around: Cloud and Post-pandemic Retail

COVID-19 has permanently altered the way we live, work, and shop. It has changed the retail environment and experience in two ways: as a disruption to business as usual and as an amplifier of long-standing strains that existed prior to the pandemic and show no indications of abating. As a result, the retail environment has […]

Cloud Technology Helps Supply Chains Scale

MORE than half of more than 1,000 supply chain professionals worldwide surveyed recently by the Materials Handling Institute (MHI) and Deloitte said they are planning to increase or substantially increase their investments in cloud computing and storage to make supply chains more resilient. The 2021 MHI Annual Industry Report also found that companies that were […]

How to Build Supply Chain Resilience

Inflation has gone up in many countries, as supply chain bottlenecks disrupted the flow of commodities globally.  Issues such as labor mismatch, port congestion and lack of truckers have hampered trade, resulting in up to 70-percent increase in prices of some commodities. In a recent McKinsey Podcast, Knut Alicke and Dan Swan, partners in McKinsey’s […]

Better Supply Chains in the Next Normal

To adapt to the ever-changing environment in which they operate, chief supply chain leaders must also employ new technologies and reimagine the future of supply chains. The pandemic shone a spotlight on global supply chain networks. It exposed their flaws and weaknesses. Despite the fact that the supply chain profession has received more attention and […]