WMS: An Intelligent, Resilient and Dynamic System for Your Warehouse

Oracle’s Warehouse Management System is transformative, enabling your warehouse operations to meet the expectations of today’s demand-driven business, which includes successfully managing complex fulfillment procedures and gaining complete inventory visibility—from distribution center to retail shelf.

Retail and ecommerce

Customers who are connected are looking for solutions that combine logistics technology with ecommerce and retail sales. Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud can transform any location, whether a warehouse, distribution center, storefront, kiosk, or even a garage, into a smart and seamless fulfillment center.

Wholesale distribution

Wholesalers must comprehend their entire logistics network, from the distribution center to the outlet. Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud provides complete inventory visibility and reduces order errors and out-of-stock situations.

Consumer goods

Linked customers want connected solutions that integrate fulfillment technology with ecommerce and retail sales. Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud can turn any location—warehouse, distribution center, storefront, kiosk, or even a garage—into a dependable and frictionless fulfillment center.


To improve operational efficiency, manufacturers must keep track of their inbound, inventory, and outbound processes. Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud enables material and inventory tracking for a more efficient manufacturing and delivery operation.

Third-party Logistics

Customers expect third-party logistics (3PL) providers to deliver specialized warehouse and distribution services in an ever-changing world. Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud enables you to satisfy customer demands while remaining agile enough to act and respond fast, capitalize on new possibilities, and produce higher revenues.

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