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A customer relationship management system is like a cheat code that complements – not substitutes – a genuine personal relationship that a company has with its customers. The CRM software would keep tabs on how a customer has behaved in the past, what developments have emerged that may affect its next decisions, and what it is likely to do in the short-, medium- and long term.

And if you think that a traditional, on-premise CRM software is good as it is, the you probably have not heard of a cloud-based CRM system. The Netsuite CRM system offers a seamless flow of information throughout the entire customer lifecycle – from lead, opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, and support, and all of the information is stored in the cloud.

The Netsuite CRM software streamlines the lead-to-cash processes, elevates productivity across the organization, improves sales performance through forecasting and commission management, and manages global sales and services organizations. The objective is to be scientific in translating the information to actual revenues while still maintaining the quality of their dealings with clients – which, in itself, is hinged on information.

NetSuite CRM is a powerful tool in managing a key element in a business operation – Sales. It provides an comprehensive functionality in running a sales organization from sales activity tracking, lead generation and customer service. All businesses thrive in customer relationship and the tool allows you to maintain and develop positive relationship with prospects and existing customers. People buy from companies they feel comfortable with and NetSuite CRM will assist you how.

Sales Force Automation

Leading a large sales organization will entail numerous reporting, coordination and tracking. In NetSuite CRM, sales managers will be able to quickly see sales forecast, pipeline and sales rep activities in one system. Gone are the days everyone prepares excel spreadsheet only to update sales movement. Let NetSuite CRM automate it all.

  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Quotation
  • Sales Rep Quota
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Rep Activity Tracking
  • Calendar
  • Task Management
  • Customer Management
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

Marketing Automation

Strong sales are always supported by a solid lead generation activity. In NetSuite, you are provided with a tool to make your presence felt in the market. Be heard and be seen by everyone with NetSuite’s Marketing Automation. With the functionality, maximize opportunities in the market and convert it into revenue.

  • Leads Management
  • Online Inquiry
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Email Blast
  • Key Word and SEO Marketing
  • Customer Survey
  • Upsell Manager

Customer Service Management

Things won’t always be perfect. Maintain a positive relationship with your customer by having a tool that captures customer complaints. Empower customers with an easy facility to enter complaints online. Setup automatic routing based on case condition and monitor case status from creation to closing.

  • Case Creation
  • Case Ticket Generation
  • Support Rep Assignment
  • Customer Case Communication
  • Escalation
  • Open Case Analysis
  • Case Routing
  • Knowledge Base
  • Time Tracking

Partner Relationship Management

Extend your market with the support of partners. With NetSuite, partner relationship can be automated. See activities and transactions of your partners online and build campaigns to support them.

  • Partner Leads Management
  • Partner Opportunities Monitoring
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Tracking and Order Management
  • Commission

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